Redhead in Pink Corset


A very sexy redhead in a Pink Corset

A very sey redhead laying on her side in a pink corset

There were some many things to like about this photo. The shoes with the stars on them, the black panties, the pink corset with the black ribbons, the fiery red hair. However it was the look on her face, like she is so determined that had me pause and post this wonderful photo. Your thoughts?


Over a barrel in #Stockings


Jordan Carver Over a barrel in stockings

Jordan Carver is beautiful of course but laying on barrels?

Beautiful Jordan Carver laying on her back over a bunch of barrels. Not sure what the motivation was for this photo shoot but she is hot no matter where she has her photo taken. The all black lingerie is super sexy, black bra, black garter and black silk stockings with back pumps is just perfect!


French Maid Outfit #Stockings


Tiffany Brooks in a sexy maid outfit

Tiffany Brookes is HOT in a sexy mad outfit

This was actually the second picture that I found of Ms. Tiffany Brookes and boy am I glad I went searching for it!  Black silk stockings, French Maid Uniform, complete with bow in the hair, lacy gloves and a feather duster. But I must mention her gorgeous long hair is captivating – I could really use some maid services like this.

Tiffany Brooks Laying on a bed

Gorgeous Tiffany Brookes Laying on a bed

This was the photo that caused me to stop and admire. What a gorgeous woman and in a very sexy little black dress and stripper shoes.  The look on her face means business and I just love the hair almost covering one eye and her super white fingernails.


Super #Hot girl in see through dress


Hot girl in see through dress

A very nice dress indeed!

Ok, maybe it’s not a dress, but that would be great. It is a bit see through, but that’s what makes it hot. Nice sexy little patnies, no bra, cute little tattoo on her wrist, long dark hair pouty lips – all the things that make a nice hot sexy photo!

Girl in a neice dress showing off her panties

Now she is just showing off her nice panties

Same girl different outfit! Here she is showing off her sexy midriff and ample breasts. Her panties are cute with little bows on them and now we can see that she is wearing stockings – bonus! Love the messy hair in her face and she is pulling on a strand. Not a fan of the tattoo on her shoulder but that is minor.


#Lingerie Photo Shoot


Juliana Martins Lejaby Lingerie Photoshoot

Juliana Martis Lejaby - Very sexy lingerie and stockings

Ok, there are so many things to love about this photo. The beautiful long sexy hair, the gorgeous corset, garter and panties. But is those silky smooth stockings that just drive me crazy. The shoes are nice the laid back pose with her eyes shut is nice, but those legs just won’t quit!


#Sexy Pink Underware


Woman in sexy pink underware

Very sexy women in pink lingerie

The first thing that I noticed was the see through nature of the lingerie of course. However I then realized that she had her thumbs in her panties pulling them away from her body just a bit in a teasing sort of way and I find that very sexy. Then I noticed her pouty lips, like that, and finally wondered just how long her hair was as she has it pinned up.  Your observations?