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Welcome to the JustFollowing99 Website!

I have been an avid follower of gorgeous woman for many years. Not in the creepy stalker way, but in the observer and admirer kind of way. I am a website designer by trade but never had the opportunity to work with WordPress.  I was trying to come up with a way to try out the tool and I wanted a fun project to work on as well.  So what could be more fun than searching for hot sexy women in thongs, stockings and sexy lingerie and then posting them to my blog?

I’ve learned several things while working on this project, especially about social media. I started with a Twitter account, added a Google+ account and created a Facebook page. I wanted the blog to be able to automatically update Twitter and Facebook and found a cool plug-in call WP-AutoSocial that fit the bill for that.

I hope you enjoy my site.  If you do please leave a comment or send a message and let me know that I am on the right track or if there is something more that I should be looking into. I’m just trying to do my part in sharing the enjoyment of the female form!

Be sure to find me on Twitter: @JustFollowing99  Google+ +JustFollowing99 and Facebook: JustFollowing99

Happy Surfing…

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Randy Moore Black Stockings and Thong


Randy Moore Black Stockings and Thong

Randy Moore in Sexy Black Stockings and Tiny Black Thong

This was a very nice treat this morning that I found on Google+ Randy Moore in a very sexy over the shoulder pose wearing black stockings / garter and a tiny black thong. Arms crossed over a very lacy and frilly black bra give the expression on her face a more what are you looking at? Your gorgeous ass, that’s what I’m looking at! You can find more of Randy on Model Mayhem.

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