Black Stockings and Kate Beckinsale – Need I say more…

Kate Beckinsale Stockings

Kate Beckinsale showing some leg waring black stockings

Now here are a couple of my favorites together.  Kate Beckingsale and Black Thigh High Stockings.  Today is a good day!  I just love catching a glimpse of the top of stockings under a woman’s dress/skirt.  It is the hint and promise of something sexy hiding under there.  I find that the glimpse so much more sexy than a completely nude woman.  (Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing them too…)  However, stockings and garters worn under a dress/skirt is just so hot & sexy that more women should wear them everyday!  Then we would all have more chances of seeing them in the wild!  Today, seeing Kate Beckinsale wearing black thigh-high stockings is almost just too much.  (Almost…)


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