#Tease – Kate Beckinsale adjusting her garter


Kate Beckinsale adjusting her stockings

Kate Beckinsale adjusting her black stockings

Talk about a tease!  There are several things about this photo need to be called out as it is almost the perfect tease picture.  She isn’t looking at the camera so this could be a candid shot. (its not)  She has her dress hiked up just a bit so she can re-attach her garter to her stocking. (it must have come undone somehow – sexy)  So that give us the very innocent hint of her right thigh above her stocking – sexy.  Also I’m sure you noticed the strap of the dress is off her right shoulder – yet another tease that gets us thinking that we may catch glimpse of a bit of breast. (gasp!)  Finally, her long beautiful hair is flowing down around her face – also very sexy.  When put all together it makes the perfect photo to be the last post of the Kate Beckinsale grouping today.  I hope you enjoyed, I know I did!


Kate Beckinsale in a #Sexy White Dress


Kate Beckinsale White Dress

Kate Beckinsale on her knees in a white dress

I’ve seen this photo of Kate Beckinsale a few times, but just to include it with today’s Kate posts.  Love the hair all tossed down around her face, love the sheerness of this dress and who doesn’t love Kate on her knees?  The plunging neckline tells a powerful story on its own as she shows great cleavage.  Oh and isn’t she just a little bit naughty here lifting up her dress to expose just a bit more of her sexy right thigh.  Thank you Mr. Photographer for that little suggestion…


#Sexy Kate Beckinsale on a couch


Kate Beckinsale

Sexy Kate Beckinsale lying on a couch in a black dress

Ok, I’ve said it before I have a weakness and it is Kate Beckinsale.  I have a few new pictures to post today that I found that just make me all hot and bothered.  This one is Kate lying back on a sofa in a sexy black chiffon type dress (I just love sheer things, don’t you?)  Anyway it shows off her gorgeous legs and beautiful lines and as I said I have a weakness…


No #Panties Blonde


Sexy Blonde No Panties

Illusion of panties

There are of course lots of things to love about this photo, but my favorite part is the illusion of panties that she provides.  That oh so lovely tan line that draws you in for a close inspection and says ‘no panties here’ is perfect.  The couple of small tattoos that she has, the snake skin heels and the lavender tank all play secondary, but important roles in this photo.  Her gorgeous long blonde hair and that seductive look on her face complete the package.


#Thong – Ready for anything…


Girl laying in bed, sexy white thong

Ready for anything!

Love this pose!  Beautiful white thong and garter set with lavender stockings.  No bra, but still hiding from view.  Beautiful long blonde hair flowing down her back and the sexy come-hither look on her face just draws you in.  I can really get behind a photo like this!


Redhead in Pink Corset


A very sexy redhead in a Pink Corset

A very sey redhead laying on her side in a pink corset

There were some many things to like about this photo. The shoes with the stars on them, the black panties, the pink corset with the black ribbons, the fiery red hair. However it was the look on her face, like she is so determined that had me pause and post this wonderful photo. Your thoughts?