French Maid Outfit #Stockings

Tiffany Brooks in a sexy maid outfit

Tiffany Brookes is HOT in a sexy mad outfit

This was actually the second picture that I found of Ms. Tiffany Brookes and boy am I glad I went searching for it!  Black silk stockings, French Maid Uniform, complete with bow in the hair, lacy gloves and a feather duster. But I must mention her gorgeous long hair is captivating – I could really use some maid services like this.

Tiffany Brooks Laying on a bed

Gorgeous Tiffany Brookes Laying on a bed

This was the photo that caused me to stop and admire. What a gorgeous woman and in a very sexy little black dress and stripper shoes.  The look on her face means business and I just love the hair almost covering one eye and her super white fingernails.


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