#Tease – Kate Beckinsale adjusting her garter

Kate Beckinsale adjusting her stockings

Kate Beckinsale adjusting her black stockings

Talk about a tease!  There are several things about this photo need to be called out as it is almost the perfect tease picture.  She isn’t looking at the camera so this could be a candid shot. (its not)  She has her dress hiked up just a bit so she can re-attach her garter to her stocking. (it must have come undone somehow – sexy)  So that give us the very innocent hint of her right thigh above her stocking – sexy.  Also I’m sure you noticed the strap of the dress is off her right shoulder – yet another tease that gets us thinking that we may catch glimpse of a bit of breast. (gasp!)  Finally, her long beautiful hair is flowing down around her face – also very sexy.  When put all together it makes the perfect photo to be the last post of the Kate Beckinsale grouping today.  I hope you enjoyed, I know I did!


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