Beautiful Blonde on a chair


Sexy Blonde sitting on a chair

Sexy Blonde sitting on a chair

Ok, so it has been a while since I posted, but here are a few shots today that should make up for it.  Let’s start with a sexy blonde sitting backwards in a chair.  She is looking down admiring herself, can’t blame her there.  She has on a tiny black thong and very thin almost see through balck bra.  Long beautiful blonde hair flowing down her back makes this a good shot.  If we could see her eyes it would be even better.


What are you looking at?


A sultry look back

What are you looking at? My hot ass!

Ok, this almost falls outside of my requirements for a photo here on the site, but that look on her face with those pouty lips and long blonde hair just grabbed my attention.  That simple hot white thong just begs for attention.  Oh, and I love sexy back dimples, don’t you?  I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers that is for sure!


No #Panties Blonde


Sexy Blonde No Panties

Illusion of panties

There are of course lots of things to love about this photo, but my favorite part is the illusion of panties that she provides.  That oh so lovely tan line that draws you in for a close inspection and says ‘no panties here’ is perfect.  The couple of small tattoos that she has, the snake skin heels and the lavender tank all play secondary, but important roles in this photo.  Her gorgeous long blonde hair and that seductive look on her face complete the package.


#Thong – Ready for anything…


Girl laying in bed, sexy white thong

Ready for anything!

Love this pose!  Beautiful white thong and garter set with lavender stockings.  No bra, but still hiding from view.  Beautiful long blonde hair flowing down her back and the sexy come-hither look on her face just draws you in.  I can really get behind a photo like this!


#Sexy Hat and Stockings


Blonde in a Hat and Stockings

Sexy Blonde wearing a Hat and Stockings

Wow! a sexy black fur worn over a lacy bra. Panties with dots over a white garter and white silk stockings. Her feet adorned in black peep-toe pumps. But it is the hat covering her eyes that gives this picture some mystery. What color are her eyes? I also love pictures that have a mirror in them to provide an alternate view of the model.


#Sexy #Hot Blonde


Hot Thin Blonde

A sexy blonde laying on her back in white lingerie

So what is is about woman laying on their backs in sexy lingerie that is just so hot?  She is looking back with those gorgeous Hazel/Blue eyes.  The sexy white bra and matching thong panty are very sexy.  I especially love the little red bows and red straps on the very low cut bra and the matching red bow on her panties.  Love it!