Jessi June #ThongThursday #2


The very sexy Jessi June in a black thong

She wears her sunglasses at night!

The very sexy Jessi June can be found on Google+ +JessiJune  You can also find her under #ThongThursday as well.  The tight white (faint blue perhaps) see through t-shirt and black panties are awesome together.  The photographer shows off her long hair but the sun glasses hide her beautiful eyes.


#Sexy – Couldn’t help myself


Sexy Blonde Kneeling on a rug

Sexy pose on a bear skin rug.

So I just couldn’t help myself…  I ran across this picture and I had to post it.  The way that she is looking back over her shoulder as she kneels on that bear skin rug in that little brown thong with tiny fleur-de-lis and sexy lacy bra just spoke to me.  Of course her hazel eyes and long blonde hair had a bit of impact as well.  Did you notice the star tattoos on her left arm and leg?


Pretty in Pink #Sexy


Blonde in Pink Cami and Panty

Now you see the Camisole

Blonde in Pink Bra and Panty

Now you don't see the Camisole

Ok here is a two-for-one special.  This young hot blonde is teasing us with her Pink Camisole.  First it’s on, then it’s off – sexy.  The hair scrunchy on her wrist is a nice touch but I do believe that the ear rings are a bit much.  Sexy curves and a pretty face make these pictures obvious choices for inclusion here.  Pink stockings would have been perfect here though…


In the mood…


Woman in the mood

She is getting me in the mood as well.

So the fact that she has her hands down her panties wasn’t enough for me to choose this picture, but it is the look of pleasure on her face and the arch to her back that spoke to me and said she is getting in the mood for some fun.  Cute bows on the panties and of course the sexy stockings and matching black bra are great as well. Love that long dark hair as well.  Yes more please…


Jaime Faith Edmondson – #Playboy #Sexy


Sexy Woman in Gold Corset

Laying in bed waring a Gold Corset - Of Course!

What I liked about this Photo of Jaime was of course the gold lace corset.  She is laying in bed waring a sexy black sheer stockings and black panties, but it is the corset that makes this outfit.  She has gorgeous red hair and a very sexy body which is why she is a model for the Playboy Store.  Check out her other work here




Hot Blonde in Black Stockings

Hot blonde in black lingerie against a red background

I love the contrast in this photo.  The red background, the black lingerie and the long blonde hair. The gloves cinched it for me, combined with the sexy black thong.  The long hair hanging freely around her face and the stretched out leg reaching for the floor.  Very sexy pose.


And now without the Men’s Dress Shirt


Sexy Pose on Dining Room Table

A sexy pose of a woman on Dining Room table.

A few posts back I showed this woman in a Men’s Dress Shirt, well here she is minus the tie and shirt.  We can now clearly see her bra with the pink lip prints on it and the frilly black lace.  The thong has some black lace on it as well.  A very sexy pose on the dining room table indeed.