Grace Park #Sexy


Grace Park in a thong in front of a fire

A very sexy photo of Grace Park in a thong in front of a fire

You would think that it would be bonus enough for the writers on Hawaii Five-0 to find ways to get Grace Park out of her clothes each week, but if not then they should be paid more when the do it. The curves on this woman just don’t stop and the sexy little black thing isn’t hiding anything. But it is the fierceness in her eyes that kept me looking at the photo. How about you?


Eliza Dushku #Sexy


Eliza Dusku Black Stockings, Panties and Strapless Bra

A very sexy pose

Eliza Dushku Black Stockings, Panties and strapless bra

Another view of a sexy pose

These are some very sexy poses of Eliza Dushku. She is one of my favorites and these pictures are right up my alley. The black stockings, panties and strapless bra set against her golden bronze skin is a site to behold. What more can I say, just beautiful.


#Gorgeous Kate Beckinsale


Gorgeous Kate Beckinsale in white

Does it get any more sexy than this?

Ok – I have a problem and her name is Kate Beckinsale. She is absolutely beautiful in every picture that I see of her. You may have noticed that the background and the current header for the website are made up from Kate Beckinsale photos, same for my Twitter background, and I have pictures of her adoring my Facebook and Google+ profile. You might say that I am mildly obsessed with her. Well – Yes I am and I am proud of it!

Here we find Ms. Beckinsale in what appears to be a white see through robe with black ties, she is wearing a white lacy bra and matching panties. Her sexy long hair and those tanned toned legs just don’t quit. Damn she is sexy!