Sexy Blonde in Lingerie Las Vegas


Sexy Blonde in Lingerie Las Vegas

Sexy Blonde in Lingerie Las Vegas

This is what I like to call a best of both worlds shot.  You get to see her ass in that sexy pink and black thong but you get to enjoy the garter, stockings and bra from the front as well.  Plus as a bonus you get to enjoy those sexy high heals as well.   She has great model features and knows how to work the room.  I like the little Rhine Stones around the tops of the stockings and the matching bra, garter and thong is just awesome!


Redhead in Pink Corset


A very sexy redhead in a Pink Corset

A very sey redhead laying on her side in a pink corset

There were some many things to like about this photo. The shoes with the stars on them, the black panties, the pink corset with the black ribbons, the fiery red hair. However it was the look on her face, like she is so determined that had me pause and post this wonderful photo. Your thoughts?


#Sexy Pink Underware


Woman in sexy pink underware

Very sexy women in pink lingerie

The first thing that I noticed was the see through nature of the lingerie of course. However I then realized that she had her thumbs in her panties pulling them away from her body just a bit in a teasing sort of way and I find that very sexy. Then I noticed her pouty lips, like that, and finally wondered just how long her hair was as she has it pinned up.  Your observations?


Pretty in Pink #Sexy


Blonde in Pink Cami and Panty

Now you see the Camisole

Blonde in Pink Bra and Panty

Now you don't see the Camisole

Ok here is a two-for-one special.  This young hot blonde is teasing us with her Pink Camisole.  First it’s on, then it’s off – sexy.  The hair scrunchy on her wrist is a nice touch but I do believe that the ear rings are a bit much.  Sexy curves and a pretty face make these pictures obvious choices for inclusion here.  Pink stockings would have been perfect here though…


And now without the Men’s Dress Shirt


Sexy Pose on Dining Room Table

A sexy pose of a woman on Dining Room table.

A few posts back I showed this woman in a Men’s Dress Shirt, well here she is minus the tie and shirt.  We can now clearly see her bra with the pink lip prints on it and the frilly black lace.  The thong has some black lace on it as well.  A very sexy pose on the dining room table indeed.


#Sexy Pink Thong


Beautiful woman in a pink thong

I would stare at it all day too...

Ok, so I have a weakness for this type of pose.  I have lots of weaknesses, but let’s not go into those here.  Anyway the matching pink bra and thong was almost enough to drive me crazy, but the long dark hair and the thick eyelashes cinched the deal.  Then of course her looking over her shoulder with her ass in the air was just icing on the cake so to speak.