Redhead in Pink Corset


A very sexy redhead in a Pink Corset

A very sey redhead laying on her side in a pink corset

There were some many things to like about this photo. The shoes with the stars on them, the black panties, the pink corset with the black ribbons, the fiery red hair. However it was the look on her face, like she is so determined that had me pause and post this wonderful photo. Your thoughts?


#Redhead Very #Sexy


A sexy redhead

A sexy redhead poses for us

Ok, so we don’t get a lot of Redheads here, but this one made me pause and post. I love a shirt tied at the waist exposing the midriff and the lacy white panties are very sexy. But again I was drawn to the long red hair and deep makeup around her eyes.


Jaime Faith Edmondson – #Playboy #Sexy


Sexy Woman in Gold Corset

Laying in bed waring a Gold Corset - Of Course!

What I liked about this Photo of Jaime was of course the gold lace corset.  She is laying in bed waring a sexy black sheer stockings and black panties, but it is the corset that makes this outfit.  She has gorgeous red hair and a very sexy body which is why she is a model for the Playboy Store.  Check out her other work here