#Gorgeous Kate Beckinsale


Gorgeous Kate Beckinsale in white

Does it get any more sexy than this?

Ok – I have a problem and her name is Kate Beckinsale. She is absolutely beautiful in every picture that I see of her. You may have noticed that the background and the current header for the website are made up from Kate Beckinsale photos, same for my Twitter background, and I have pictures of her adoring my Facebook and Google+ profile. You might say that I am mildly obsessed with her. Well – Yes I am and I am proud of it!

Here we find Ms. Beckinsale in what appears to be a white see through robe with black ties, she is wearing a white lacy bra and matching panties. Her sexy long hair and those tanned toned legs just don’t quit. Damn she is sexy!


#Sexy Hat and Stockings


Blonde in a Hat and Stockings

Sexy Blonde wearing a Hat and Stockings

Wow! a sexy black fur worn over a lacy bra. Panties with dots over a white garter and white silk stockings. Her feet adorned in black peep-toe pumps. But it is the hat covering her eyes that gives this picture some mystery. What color are her eyes? I also love pictures that have a mirror in them to provide an alternate view of the model.


#Sexy #Hot Blonde


Hot Thin Blonde

A sexy blonde laying on her back in white lingerie

So what is is about woman laying on their backs in sexy lingerie that is just so hot?  She is looking back with those gorgeous Hazel/Blue eyes.  The sexy white bra and matching thong panty are very sexy.  I especially love the little red bows and red straps on the very low cut bra and the matching red bow on her panties.  Love it!


And now without the Men’s Dress Shirt


Sexy Pose on Dining Room Table

A sexy pose of a woman on Dining Room table.

A few posts back I showed this woman in a Men’s Dress Shirt, well here she is minus the tie and shirt.  We can now clearly see her bra with the pink lip prints on it and the frilly black lace.  The thong has some black lace on it as well.  A very sexy pose on the dining room table indeed.


Raven in White


Beautiful dark haired siren in white lingerie

A beautiful dark haired siren all in white lingerie

after that last post I needed to find something opposite for contrast and doesn’t she look all innocent.  White fishnet stockings, white garter and sexy thong.  Matching white bra and gloves.  Laying on a sea of black bed sheets she looks demure and innocent.  I would love to make an addition to those pearl necklaces that she is wearing however…